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Vita Coco

Introducing Vita Coco Haircare, here to help you seize the day! Packed with all the goodness that coconuts have to offer and made from 95% natural ingredients, simply choose from the three coconutty ranges and Glow Get ‘Em! When your hair’s feeling thirsty, no fear, the Nourishing coconut water range is here! This range is packed with coconut water and is full of potassium & antioxidants. It hydrates your hair providing a smooth and glossy finish with a delicious coconutty scent. Breaking up is never easy, but breaking up with brittle hair is super easy thanks to the new Repair range! Hair as flaky as your date? Try the soothing coconut and guava Scalp range to sooth your scalp. With Vita Coco products, now available all over the world, they are committed to continual innovation (that means more stuff) to create the best coconutty products on the shelves while continuing to positively impact their employees, local and wider communities, and the environment! From shampoo’s to hair masks, conditioners to serums, Vita Coco Haircare has everything to have your hair feeling its best.

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