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No makeup look is ever complete without a kaleidoscope of colour or a natural glow and with the selection of eyeshadows here at PrettyLittleThing, we've got you covered. With everything from natural matte hues to subtle pink shadows and eye-popping bright blues that are perfect for the festival season, we have everything for any occasion possible. If you want to create a mesmer-eye-sing look by mix and matching colours, we have the best eyeshadow palettes that have a number of hues and textures that will have you spoilt for choice. If you're a girl who knows what she wants, grab a single eyeshadow pot to make your outfit shine. For a look that is totally next level, why not try our glitter eyeshadows? So doll, whether you're an eyeshadow amateur or a blending queen, these eyeshadows are asking for a place in your makeup bag.

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