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A good fragrance is the ultimate accessory and we have all the scents you’ll need with our new range of PLT perfumes. Whether you prefer florals, subtle scents or woody tones, you’re sure to find your new handbag essential. These perfumes and rollerballs are sure to be a product you can’t leave your home without. Why not try a hint of Sweet Bouquet scent with notes of green tea, orchid and patchouli, an explosive, sophisticated and glamorous amber floral fragrance that is sure to amp up your outfit of the day. Or if you’re looking for the perfect all-rounder, try our Cherry Rose perfume, with black cherry and bitter almond centre notes and a tonka bean base note this is sure to be a winner year after year. Inject some sophistication into your fragrance collection with our Coco De Mer scent, with notes of pistachio, tuberose, bergamont and coconut, we can’t get enough of this scent to take your look to new heights. Whatever your vibe this season, shop our range of PLT fragrances that are sure to suit any occasion, it only makes scents.

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